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Covid-19 Office Information


We hope all of our patients and families are healthy and well during this Covid-19 pandemic.  As the pandemic quiets down, we all wish to return  to some of our regular routines. We want to assure you that when you return to our office after June 8, 2020, we will have made several changes to the office policies that will ensure the safety of our patients and staff.

1)  We will be practicing social distancing in the office.  To aid in the social distancing we request that all patients  have only one adult accompany a child and adult patients come alone.

2) We request that anyone entering the office wear a mask or face covering that covers both their nose and mouth. 

3) To check in for your appointment, please call from your car and wait there unless instructed to do otherwise. 

4) We  will be taking non-contact  temperatures of all people entering the office. We also have taken temperatures of all of our staff daily when they entered the office.

5) You will notice that all of the direct patient care staff will be wearing either an N95, KN95 or surgical level 3 mask (or both) , eye protection in the form of a full face shield or goggles and a long gown. This is for both your protection and ours. 

6) In an effort to reduce the risk of potential spread of the virus, we will be using  .5% Hydrogen Peroxide in our self-contained water supply for the dental chair. As .5% Hydrogen Peroxide has been shown to be effective in disabling  coronaviruses, this should effectively reduce viral aerosols (the spray) created by the dental high speed handpiece.  In addition, we will be using  a Dryshield® suction or rubber dam to isolate the area we are treating.  Lastly, we are requesting all patients to use the nitrous oxide delivery system (the silicone piece that is placed on your nose) either with nitrous oxide or just oxygen. This will allow the system to suction your expiration (your breath) away from the treatment room. It  will also ensure that you are breathing pure oxygen during the office visit. If you do not want to use the nitrous oxide delivery system with either oxygen or nitrous oxide then you will be required to have a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of your dental procedure appointment. This does not include Hygiene or Orthodontic appointments.

7) Everything that can be heat sterilized will be as it always has been and we will be wiping down all surfaces in between patients with EPA approved, Covid-19 disinfecting solutions.

8) We have increased the length of patient appointment times and allowed more time in between appointments to reduce possibility of viral transfer. 

9) Due to the reduced numbers of patients we will be seeing and extended appointment times we request that our patients arrive on time for the scheduled appointment. If you need to cancel, please give us 48 hours notice.

10) Lastly, we have installed HEPA  H13 air purifiers  in our treatment rooms to filter the air. These air filters will remove particles as small as .1 microns which is smaller than the virus.

We welcome all of our patients back to our office and want to let your know that we value your trust in us and want to assure you that we will do whatever possible to create  a safe dental appointment.